This is a list of our Active Knights as well as current Apprentices. When appropriate, Tasks/Assignments will be shown.

Some Brothers (m/f) indicated as 'inactive', this is merely because we did not hear from you in long time, or on your own request, such as taking shelter while taking heat, so layer of defence be able grow, please do inform us about your current activities and your 'status' be changed again.


  • Sir Steven J. Cozzi
  • Lady Elizabeth Donavan [ Universal Energy and Movement ]
  • Sir John Martin [ Universal Health ]
  • Sir Zadok Lempert [ Tailand ]
  • Lady Nela Marinescu [ Romania ]
  • Sir Rosario de Medici [ Universal Vertical Farming and Technologies ]
  • Lady Helen Menyes [ BC ]
  • Prince Patrick from the Noble House Molier
  • Sir Brennan Purtzer [ Universal Construction ]
  • Sir Douglass Sagal [ Sqilxw Tamxwulaxws ]
  • Sir Rolf Schuster [ Germania ]
  • Sir Hubert Zeitlmair [ Bavaria and Malta ]
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  • Sir Gregg Braden
  • Lady Kimberly Carter-Gamble
  • Pope Franciscus
  • Sir Foster Gamble
  • Sir Willie Nelson
  • Sir Vladimir Putin
  • Sir Paul of Romania
  • Sir Max von Wittelsbach
  • Sir Yaw Mensah Amun Ra
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  • Sir Menno van Agteren
  • Lady Lynn M. Palmer
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Inactive or Retired

  • Sir Jeremy Beadle
  • Sir Simon Cox
  • Lady Suzanne Edwards [ HU-MAN and Animal Welfare ]
  • Sir Stephen Palmer
  • Sir Helmut Rastetter
  • Sir Jack Wei
  • Sir Mitchel Yamamoto [ Universal Travel ]
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Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

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