The Noble House Molier is NOT a creation of Paper, it is as it has always been, Uradel. Some sources speak of our House coming from 1st century Sweden, via 3rd century Denmark, via Germania to the Principality of Mogiłew anno 1157, etc etc etc, surely this being only Line-Age of Flesh, as an expression of lower level consciousness.

The name Molier (in Roman Moliex) is derived from the Arab Moulay, meaning Prince of the Blood, where Blood means Spirit. That called 'Royalty' is a Title for a certain Level of Consciousness known as 'Christ', a Royal Priest of Gospel, the Spreading of Truth, Holy Spirit, Common Sense, which has nothing do with organized 'religion', in temples made of stone.

We have been given the Honour of being Patron for several Knightly Orders by Grand Master Stephen Palmer, we Humbly accepted. Our Orders, however, are not same as others, we are not a source of getting, nor selling a 'title', for MAMMON. Those given the Title of Knight are Given the Honour Freely, without any 'charge' in the Monetary. Apart from keeping Tenets we do have certain Requests to retain said titles. That we ask is your Assistance to HU-MANity, for the good of All-That-Is, the Sharing Abundance without asking any-thing in return, Living Man to Living Man.

Be it Known, as per Winter Solstice 2016 we have Scrapped All 'Levels'. We could do without, and so it be, All just Knights, Par Inter Pares (Equal Among Equals), no more 'General'/'Çommander'/'Captain'.

You are Free to Use given Declarations of Freedom, such as put online by us, adapt it in any way you see fit, as to 'claim' Your Own Sovereignty from your NATION STATE CORPORATION or Monarch, Pretending be your Foster Parents, for being Lost at Sea, by Speaking Your Own Truth, for thou was Born Free and Sovereign, a Walking Kingdom, before having been Falsely COPIED into a PERSON and TRADED for NATIONAL DEBT, a RACKETEERING ACT. Have a look under Projects for more Information on this subject, such as New Nation and Sovereign Man. Even if this, our EArth (EA Source Wheel) be All Illusion, have it be Your illusion

These here Documents are Intended for Easy Co-Existance between 'Realms', be they of Living Man/Womb-Man, PERSONS or Combinations thereof, be they in COMMERCE or Freely Sharing Abundance without asking any-thing in return, be they SLAVES or Sovereigns, for such is Expression of Free Will. You ask, for what the 'need' Include Words of SORCERY of Past (is Before) to Describe New Future (is Now), knoweth thou art Right, in due 'time' these Documents be Updated as to Reflect more of Now and less of Past, the moment those seemingly requiring a Bridge are passing ...

  • Please be Aware (In continuous flux of being written ...)
  • Dwellers of the Royal Court of Royaum Sans Frontières (In continuous flux of being written ...)
  • The Law of Royaum Sans Frontières (In continuous flux of being written ...)
  • Request to Assist (In continuous flux of being written ...)


Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

Creating Future (is Now)

Those feeling the Burning Pyr-Amid to Assist (in Materializing Projects for) our Fellow Man, Please do Contact ...