Sovereign White Knights consists of 6 orders: The Alchemical Earth / Water / Fire / Air, following an Indigenous; Order of the Eagle & Condor and last St. Germain, together forming a Stairway to 'Heaven', a Peaceful Combination of Heart and Mind for Co-Existance.

As of Winter Solstice 2017 we no longer have that indicated as 'Grand Master', reason being the 'De-Parting' of Stephen Palmer, by Dropping his Body Vehicle, instead, we, as our Own 'Masters', will define 'Strategy' together, as Par Inter Pares, as Inteded, and now it is. This means Stephen Palmer was First AND Last Grand Master SWK, for Eternity.

You may find some our Orders looking kind of 'empty', do know this is on purpose, for the moment, in due 'time' new Knights be added.

The Sovereign White Knights Motto: Par Inter Pares (Equal Among Equals) ...

  • 4 Alchemical Orders
  • Order of the Eagle & Condor
  • Order of St. Germain


Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

Creating Future (is Now)

Those feeling the Burning Pyr-Amid to Assist (in Materializing Projects for) our Fellow Man, Please do Contact ...