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Lady Suzanne Edwards


Who am I?

That certainly has changed over the last few years. When I began as an Apprentice, my answer was a whole lot different than what it is now. I truly have grown by leaps and bounds and have come to many new realizations about myself. While I am still learning, and will for the rest of eternity, I have come to a few more aha moments to which I will share.

The journey as a Knight is a unique passage. It's not one that can be purchased but one that must be earned by Self-realization.

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How have I changed

Well, I now realize that Service-to-Self is indeed a road that leads to nowhere and that Service-to-Others and altruism will accelerate your path, so long as you do the acts from a pure heart without asking anything in return.

I now see more clearly the illusions in what we deem are our own individual realities. I fear less than I did before as I now have a greater acceptance that I have the ability at any moment to change my own reality. I no longer feel powerless, now I feel infinitely expansive! I now feel a profound sense that I am part of a greater force. I now sense nature and all its inhabitants as a collective harmony.

My greatest realization on my journey is that we are indeed "ALL ONE". There is no more darkside VS lightside for me. No more them against me. That separatism will always keep you stuck in 3D mode unable to escape to further dimensions of reality. I love all that is, no exceptions. I also accept the darkness in myself and I no longer deny its presence. Without polarity I cannot be balanced.

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What guides me

Just to be a better individual than I was yesterday. Simple as that!

My passions have changed slightly as I have. I still am passionate about writing, but years ago it was more directed towards environmental concerns and I have now shifted towards more poetic scribblings that reflect my inner journey and to who I have become today. You can read my journey through knighthood at the link below entitled "From the Journals of Lady Suzanne Edwards".

My quiet moments are now spent in quiet contemplation and endless study! I cannot learn enough these days. Recently, I have been dabbling into the study of ancient gnostic teachings and this has been filling my appetite for gnosis (knowledge). I am not a gnostic, in fact I am not any religion as I believe that is very limiting! Instead I read all perspectives and creating my own inner truths that guide me.

As of late I have also been more of an advocate for the voiceless. While I have been a vegetarian for 18 years now, and have always felt a love for all animals, recently as I am so interconnected with ALL THAT IS I feel even more-so an obligation and responsibility to protect them from harm.

Speaking of "NO HARM", this too is my guiding principle. I truly try to leave a very light karmic footprint. While I still am not perfect I am to polish my inner diamond daily to improve.

I am confident that we will soon see a future of a more conscious Mankind. I look forward to being part of that change. The veil will soon be lifted for all to see, that the LIGHT was there all along. It is indeed an exciting time to be alive. Many souls will exit as they wish not be around for the fireworks, but my soul would like to be part of the show. Oh and one last thing, the best part about being a White Knight is not just the spiritual journey aspect, but "Where else can you have this much fun?, Never a dull moment". Smiles.

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My illusion-airy titles are as follows:

  • Knight Sovereign White Knights - Order of St Germain
  • Director of Marketing\International Affairs - The Royal Court of the House of Rochefort
  • Honorary Advisor of Children's Charities & Events - The Royal Court of the House of Rochefort
  • Honorary Dame Royal Order of Knights & Dames of Nubia - Kush
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For those new to the Knighthood, or just stopping by to visit, enjoy the journey. Enjoy the many parts/roles you will play in this incarnation. Most of all LOVE ALL, no exceptions.

Many blessings to you all,
Lady Suzanne Edwards

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To that which keeps me animated:

  • Bartholemew
  • From the Journals of Lady Suzanne Edwards
  • Ezine Articles
  • Green Culture & Mental Health
  • EcoCaps Niagara
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Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

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