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Sir Zadok S. Lempert


  • Zadok Severin Lempert, a Swiss national, since 2005 living in Thailand with wife Katharina.
  • Due to worldwide consultancy, audit and lecturing assignments, have become a 'world citizen' and continuously been living like a 'jet-age gypsy' - and enjoying every bit of it.
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  • PhD in economics and business-administration
  • CHE - Certified Hospitality Educator
  • MBA in Marketing and Financial Controlling
  • Professor for Tourism Development and Environmental Management
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  • Some 40 years experience in international tourism and environmental management and has served intop-executive positions independently as well as with inter-national NGOs.
  • In 1976 became a pioneer in Special-Interest and Eco-Tourism and since then progressively specialised further in sustainable development, environmental management, humanitarian-sustainable economic-rehabilitation and development.
  • World-class networking expert, who draws on outstanding cross-cultural and multi-lingual facilitation and coordination skills. He established and continuously maintains international contacts to multi-governmental, national-governmental, NGOs and institutions, donor agencies.
  • Frequently participate in multi-national decision-making development committees, dealing with social-economic-ecologic enhancement, research and rehabilitation plans/programs as well as their funding campaigns, comprising members from the sectors: Multi-governmental institutions, national governmental initiatives, local governments and PPP (Public-Private-Partnerships), private sector, NGOs.
  • Repeatedly invited to speak at conferences, lecture in seminars, supervise project progress and reporting.
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  • CEO of Panorama Group International Ltd.
  • CEO of I.N.S.T.E.A.D. – International Network for Sustainability, Tourism, Environment, Aid & Development
  • Knight Commander Sovereign White Knights of Malta - Order of St. Germain
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Past Functions

  • Advisor to the Minister of Tourism in Thailand and designed the concept of Medical Tourism for the country.
  • Managing Director of Irene Tourism International – a tour operator specialising in expeditions to follow natural and cultural phenomenon worldwide.
  • CEO of Panorama Group Ltd., a Swiss company specialising in design, concept and structures, implementation, management of internationally funded sustainable humanitarian economic-ecologic-social community-development and tourism programs.
  • Chief Delegate UNDP/EU-ECHO/Caritas Rehabilitation Consortium to East- and Horn-of-Africa.
  • CEO of INEM - the World Federation of National Associations for Environmental Management, Cleaner Production and Local Agenda 21.
  • CEO of IFOAM - the World Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.
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Academic Research and Development Institutes

  • Faculty of Economics, Environment and Wildlife, Tourism – UNISA, University of South Africa, Pretoria.
  • Thai Ecotourism Institute – University of Srinakarinwiroth, Bangkok.
  • Asian Technology Institute – Asian Disaster Preparedness Institute, Bangkok.
  • AERC – African Economic Research Council, Nairobi.
  • AVU – African Virtual University, Nairobi.
  • IEEEI – International Economic Environmental Education Institute, Lund.
  • Faculty of Economy and Tourism Research Studies – University of Zheijian, Hangzhou.
  • Faculty of Economic Environmental Studies, Sheikh Zayed International Award Academy, Dubai.
  • UNDP Humanitarian Development Facilitation Sub Units, New York, Addis Abeba, Beirut.
  • UNESCO World Heritage, Office for Asia, Bangkok.
  • European Economic & Environmental Agency, Copenhagen, Division for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive.
  • OECD, Division for Economic Development, Eastern Europe and NIS.
  • UNIDO Industrial Investments and Economic Development, Vienna.
  • UNEP, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, Production and Consumption Unit, Paris.
  • IULA - International Union of Local Authorities, Local Agenda21 and PPP Initiatives.
  • UN HABITAT, Sustainable Cities Division, Nairobi.
  • Initiation and coordination of the GEMS – Global Environmental Management Survey in CEE & NIS countries, funded by the European Commission.
  • Initiation and coordination of the EEBN – European Environmental Benchmarking Network Survey program, funded by the European Commission.
  • Initiation and coordination of the INEMIS – International Network for Environmental Management Information Systems program, funded by the EC, Germany, Sweden, CIDA.
  • Initiation and coordination of the POEMS – Productivity and Organisation of Environmental Management Systems in Communities and Industry projects in CEE & NIS countries, funded by the EC, Germany, Switzerland.
  • Participation on the Steering Committee of ABEI – Aarhus Business and Environment Initiative in CEE & NIS countries, funded by OECD.
  • Initiation and coordination of Euro-SOLAR in Housekeeping Initiative in Germany.
  • PATA Task Force Economic Research Project: China Yangtze River Delta Development Through International Marketing & Tourism.
  • Province of Guimaras, Philippines: Governor's Master-Plan of Provincial Economic Development.
  • South Africa "Green" and "White" Policy Research Papers on Master-Plan Environment & Tourism.
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Memberships and Committees

  • Advisory Board, Bureau of Environment & Culture, PATA.
  • International Association of Academic Experts in Tourism, AIEST.
  • Advisory Board, Ecosystem Conservation Support Foundation, The Panorama Group Ltd.
  • Senior Representatives Group of the Baltic 21 Commission.
  • Member Steering Committee ABEI Aarhus Business & Environment.
  • Member OECD EAP Taskforce CEE & NIS Governments / Industry.
  • Member UNEP Consultative Group of Industrial Associations.
  • Observer UNIDO industrial investments and development council.
  • Member Swiss Federation of Professional Fundraisers.
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Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

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