Dear Friends, we would like introduce a ReCycle Project for Local Communities. It's intended be loads of Fun, while at same time its a serious subject. While enjoying a Talk with a Fellow-Man your hands be free to take some-thing apart, in smaller and smaller pieces. These pieces be sorted and sent to a Larger ReCycler able melt to Base Metals, ready be used again, having made Circle Round ...

The main reason is the Re-Use of Base Materials, because it Makes Sense. That which has been used be Taken Apart again, so it can be Used for New Products, ad infinitum. Re-Use has the Advantage of NOT needing to get New Material, Dis-Rupting Nature, it does NOT need be Piled in Nature as FAKE MOUNTS (Land Fills), also, it usually takes Less Energy to create said Base Materials, such as Metals, Glass and Plastics.

Our Focus, as a start, be on Selected Waste, such as Appliances, Machines, Electronics, Computers and Separated Consumption Packaging such as Aluminium and Metal Cans.

Distribution be to a Space used as Re-Cycling Center in your Own Community, by Delivering your-self, Collected in case you are Not Able or have NO Means of Transport. Imagine having a (daily) round in the area by eStorageBiCycle, collecting Things or Pallets, also available make pick-ups on request, a bit further away. Could be scaled up by having Local Collection near Distribution Centers (currently known as SHOPs in COMMERCE). The Parts be taken to a Partner, Specialized in Refining Base Materials, ready be Used Again by Creation Centers (currently known as FACTORIES in COMMERCE).

Since it being a Community Project each Individual be a Volunteer Expressing Free Will (nee ENFORCEMENT).

Those that are Inventive will have option Create Own Tools, such as for taking apart transformers, stripping cables, pressing cans, even oven to melt materials as bars. For this Engineers be Invited Share their Knowledge and Abilities.

Apart from a Cleaner Environment, Less Energy Used, it also creates Cohesion between Fellow-Man, bringing them Together, making Feel Part of Whole. If there be Results in the MONETARY, they be Treasured by our BENEFICIARY, UQD Foundation and Sovereign White Knights, as to be Shared as Abundance, Freely, without asking any-thing in return, to Support Fellow-Man, by creating Multi-Function Center(s), as to Bring Back Hand-Crafts, making possible Community Farming.
Check Here, Fully Transparent

Possibly there already are Re-Cycling efforts around you, such as collecting Glass or Paper in individual Containers, as well as Regular Local Garbage Collection, used as Source for Re-Cycling in many ways, such as Compost.

Some you might like put 'profits' in your own pockets, having seen the Shiny Gold, the MAMMON, the SHEKELS, having your own workshop, and that be perfectly well, however, it be so much nicer using said profits to enable other Projects such as a Community-Center, with space for Kids, entertained by Grand-Parents (or vise versa), so you can Save on 'day-care'. In the end it (makes) Feel so much better!

Please, do Feel Free Copy this 'concept' (Right to Copy), even though we like be part, Change as like, any way you like, for 'we' need not be part, for this is Assistance to our Fellow-Man, not EGO based ...

Building, Electricity, Gas, Water, Transport, Tools. For these we Rely on Our Fellow-Man, for we are without Money or Property.

Please, Share and Be Shared Abundance, without asking any-thing in return.
May Peace be with you …

This Project Managed by: Prince Patrick

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