Dear Friends, we would like introduce a Multi Purpose Center Project for Local Communities. It's intended to bring back Handcrafts in-to a 'world' seemingly made of Plastic. Having said this, it be perfectly well to combine the 'Old' with the 'New', by means of adding CNC or 3D-Printing, to perfect Co-Creation.
Starting from Realms of Commerce, now Imagine a Community able Share its ReSources, as a 'Common Wealth', now, imagine several such local communities, able Share Freely, by Expression of Free Will, would not that be 'Heaven on Earth'?!
This Intent originated while in Bucuresti Romania with Grand Master Palmer for a period of 3 months ...

Nowadays most all is made by ROBOTS, from non-natural materials. Some have never ever seen Shoes made of Real Leather, having no idea as to where THINGS come from, such as Milk or Bread, for all they know it comes from 'Super Market', by EXCHANGE of NUMBERS in COMPUTERS ...

The idea is Building a Center where the Free Spirit Incarnate Living Man could Meet, Eat, Learn and Experience, as Par Inter Pares. Surely, those 'IDENTIFYING' as alleged 'PERSONS', un-knowingly LOST AT SEA, are Welcome as well, for we do NOT Discriminate.

Around the larger Central Building be some Gardens, for Fruit Trees, Vegetables, Spices and some Chicken. From this Children of all ages could learn, the Natural way. Around this, the outher ring, in a Star Shape, Spaces for Handcrafts, which may include a little Shop as well, with a second level on it, as Living Space.

When possible, around the Geographical Area Currently Known as The Hague, but could be anywhere.

Since it being a Community Project each Individual be a Volunteer Expressing Free Will (nee ENFORCEMENT). Those with the Wish Teach 'others' how Make THINGS by Hand, in an environment bringing several them together, which makes possible Co-Creation. Old and Young, taking care and supporting each other, would not that be nice.

Being Multi Purpose, this Center could make possible some our other Projects, such as Sharing Abundance and ReCycle. Some might think we are against Technology, this is not the case, in fact, some us have been Engineers in a previous life, we be most happy if we could include the Fruits of using Micro Controllers, in a way we use them instead of being used, but then again, such too is Expression of Free Will, and who are 'we' to deny?!

Apart from bringing back Handcrafts it brings Awareness of where THINGS come from and how they are made.

Some Experiments already have materialized, such as a 'Father Center', or by the so called 'Authonomous'.

The Experience of having NO MASTERS, as Par Inter Pares, may lead to un-expected Results, such as the Experiment of Co-Creation and Co-Habitation by Free Spirit Incarnate and PERSONS (INCORPORATED Individuals and CORPORATIONS), leading to the much awaited Unity Consciousness.

Please, do Feel Free Copy this 'concept' (Right to Copy), even though we like be part, Change as like, any way you like, for 'we' need not be part, for this is Assistance to our Fellow-Man, not EGO based ...

Some Freely Granted Space in Quiet Area, possibly with some Additional Space around (as Parking or for City Gardening) Building Blocks (such as PORTACABIN), Electricity, Gas, Water, Transport, Tools, etc. For these we Rely on Our Fellow-Man, for we are without Money or Property.

Please, Share and Be Shared Abundance, without asking any-thing in return.
May Peace be with you …

This Project Managed by: Prince Patrick

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