Prince Patrick is assisting Hadji Maher in making available Specialist Healthcare to Children from Land of Khem.

In most cases the children have problems that can't be taken care of in their own country, the Specialism we got used to is simply not available, such as Brain Surgery or Complex Skeletal Restructure.

That we need is Your Assistance in getting these Children to the Care they Need, for which both the parents and the child need a VISA. Unfortunately this is where it's going wrong, for some reason, even when parents have enough money for both Operation and Travel.

The Doctors and Assistants at the Juliana Childrens Hospital in The Hague are very cooperative, together we have tried, for almost a year now.

The long term best idea be to get the Doctor here together with Child, so Knowledge be Transferred and these Specialisms be Avaliable Locally ...


  • Dutch Ambassy Assistance in Cairo
  • Multi-Entry VISA on Medical/HU-MANitarian Grounds
  • Funding for Transferring Knowledge to Doctor

This Project Managed by: Prince Patrick


Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

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