Brennan is studying and presenting to the islanders the viability of a 3D printing operation that can hopefully address many of their development issues. With the necessary investment, he'll have a DMLS machine built and ready to bring into service. You might say he is an Ambassador of 3D printing to the people of Pohnpei, meaning "upon (pohn) a stone altar (pei)", and Micronesia, parts of mythical Lemuria/Mu. His idea is that this technology turns classical disadvantages of isolation into opportunities to serve their own interests. He has developed a profitable business model by focusing on three primary intervention areas.

His Research could be implemented at Any (Remote) Location, it even be a perfect opportunity for Technical Market Leaders to Showcase their Equipment as Intended, where it apart from monetary 'profit' bringing Independence.
Do contact Brennan directly to discuss ...


  • 3D Printers for Different Materials, such as Plastic or Metal
  • 3D Software and Engineering Workstations
  • Network Environment, Color Laser Printers, Internet, etc
  • Location and Facilities
  • Ask Brennan for additional needs

This Project Managed by: Sir Brennan Purtzer

3D Printing for the Remote World
Project Presentation


Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

Creating Future (is Now)

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