Definition of The Sovereign White Knights - Order of St. Germain ....

The Tenets are:
  1. Unconditional Love and Respect for All Life [ No Judgement ]
  2. Transparency [ All Open to Inspection by All ]
  3. Accountability [ Total Individual Responsibility ]
  4. Integrity [ Always Truthful, Always Honest ]
  5. Humility [ No one is higher or lower than another, All are Equal ]
The Sky Blue Cloak and Tunic shall actually have the new White Knight Cross rather than the standard Cross of Malta on them, that is an old paradigm of the last millennium and the new cross for the age of Aquarius, for Peace, Integrity and Respect.

The Sword and military vestments are replaced with a letter opener and pen set, and a belt showing the tenets.

Crowns and caps are made for all Knights, no chain mail, but a cloth head covering indicating non-violence.

Now, have a good look inside your eyes, can you see your-self in this tunic? Good, for most of us we can't afford buying it, nor should we, for we no longer walk the path of Service To self, the one of 'money and property'. But still, wouldn't it be nice to all see our-selves, with crowns 'n all?!

We have several Levels of Responsibility, while All Knights are Equal, their Function may be different:
  • Entry, or learning level, is Apprentice
  • Next is Knight [ This is the position of an active member that carries out the work of Peace, Healing and Love ]
  • Lastly a Sovereign Patron [ Position of Honour ]
As per this Winter Solstice 2017 we decided give Par Inter Pares some more meaning, since All (of) Us being Our Own Master, we decided Stephen Palmer be the First AND Last Grand Master Sovereign White Knights. The Challenge be Defining and Executing Strategy, together ...


Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

Creating Future (is Now)

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