Definition of The Sovereign White Knights - Order of Eagle & Condor ....

The Order of Eagle & Condor is based on the Prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor, forthcoming from Inner Traditions. The prophecy of the Eagle and Condor is remarkable in that it marks the first truly international indigenous prophecy widely embraced by both Native and European-descended peoples.

The prophecy of the Eagle and Condor is within several (Andean Quechua, New Mexican Hopi, Guatemalan, Honduran and Mexican Mayan, Ecuadorian Shuar, and other) traditional indigenous cultures of North, Central, and South America. From these different regions come prophecies with a Common Theme of arriving to a point in time when "The human family would face the choice of Evolutionary Transformation into symbiotic presence within the more-than-human world or to continue in the destruction of the planet."

A time would be when the Eagle and Condor would Proudly Fly Together again.

This Order is honouring those with a Feeling of Being the Living Spirit making said Prophesy become 'alive' ...


Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

Creating Future (is Now)

Those feeling the Burning Pyr-Amid to Assist (in Materializing Projects for) our Fellow Man, Please do Contact ...