This page commemorates the life and contributions of Stephen Palmer who passed on to the next realm on August 3, 2017.

Stephen Palmer was not only the Grand Master of the Sovereign White Knights Order of St. Germain, as well as 4 Alchemical Orders plus Indiginous Order of the Eagle & Condor, but he was also Chairman of the University of Quantum Dynamics Foundation, CEO of the New Energy Makers Association, former VP of MI Hope Inc. and former Professor at Progressive University. We all know that these job roles do not define Stephen Palmer but rather were just that "roles" that he chose to experiment with during this incarnation.

Stephen Palmer had a passion for science, Indigenous emancipation, alchemy, and was able to see the sentience in all. He was able to unite people from across the globe offering no worldly riches or fame, but solely the idea of a Unified Consciousness for a better world for all-that-is.

While he will be missed by his Knights, friends, family and colleagues, we are happy for his passage and realize he is eternal and lives on ...

Grand Master Stephen Palmer

In Memory I AM

As many of you are aware Grand Master and I had sometimes a tumultuous relationship. It was not until his passing, that I had an A-HA moment. All the times I recall him pushing my buttons and even making me cry, was by design. I realized in recent days that he was trying to toughen me up a bit and make me more balanced so I would be able to deal with whatever came my way. I did not realize this at the time though. But even towards the end he would speak with me and in spite of our past differences, our conversations were endearing. In the past week, I realized that he was giving me a gift not grief, I just did not see beyond his unconventional ways. He did manage to toughen me up a whole lot more than what I was in 2013 when I joined the Order, so I guess in spite of things he succeeded! Thank you GM!

As memorized by; Lady Suzanne Edwards

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Stephen was a genius to the 10th degree, it was like he lived in a other world. In working with him it was a chore for me to stay grounded and sort out what was real. His over-nature was peaceful and dedicated to humanity. He is helpful to in what he left behind and hopefully will keep evolving.
I thank you Stephen for your help in the evaluation of humanity.
A friend always ...

As memorized by; Sir Doug Sagal

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Many years ago, Stephen was 11 weeks my guest. Stephen's visa was not valid anymore in Malta and I succeeded in keeping Stephen from being arrested and kept him hidden from people who thought he owed them some money. We arranged to get him on a plane to Turkey, where he was the guest of Erdogan / his secretary, just escaped a bomb attack on the Kurdistan border, was helped to escape to Istanbul, where a Russian naval vessel brought him to Constanza. From there, he went to the three lands point of Romania, Hungary, and Serbia (the Vojvodina), which area I know so well ... There, he finally succeeded in getting a flight out and finally went to Canada.
We will remember Stephen as the man, who wanted to help change the people, to better the quality of Life of the people, and to fight injustice ... Stephen was one of us and in Spirit, we are aware that the Spiritual Exchange of Energy will be going on ... only the grumbling fell away ... he is free of that now and we are grateful for that and happy for Stephen.
To honour our mutual connection with the Native Indians, I wrote some words that are given to me by the Spirit of Nookomis Keewaydinoquay Pakawakuk Peschel, Medicine Woman & Shaman of the Ojibwe:

May his Higher Self rejoin with the ancient energies it originated;
May a next incarnation use the positive experiences to form a Higher Self ...
Which will be even more strong, targeted and clear in its focus ...
As is needed in the times to come ...!


(Ojibwe for 'I have spoken')

As memorized by; Sir Foppe J. Seekels

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We came in contact with Stephen while Assisting BoJ Project in summer 2012. We was unaware he visited the geographical location currently known as The Hague, for had we known eachother then, we surely had met. Later, after Stephen left Malta, he got stuck at border of geographical area currently known as Romania and Hungaria. Since we had experience with this exact border we left by Eurolines to meet him, so he could stay with us. Well, since the 'PERSON' he represents got 'BLACK-LISTED' by Malta he was unable enter 'Shengen', it was not as simple as expected, also since SALARIES had gone up and giving a few NUMBERS on PAPERS seemed a practise of past (is before), the Magick was gone, as it seemed too many eyes focused on these EMPLOYEES, from 'Europe'. Anyways, we was in train back to where we came from, for had no idea we got in wrong one, he pointed to the empty spaces, many friends sitting there to accompany us, but surely, seats where empty. We ended in Bucuresti, staying there in hotel together for 3 months, tried a so called 'Inter-NATIONAL-PASS-PORT', which had worked for a while, but later only for its Creator, giving him a Happy Christmas. We tried China, visited the EMBASSY, but his friend could not put a MILLION on the table. Even visited Consul of Malta, as to get the 'BAN' on his 'PERSON' away, but there seemed no option getting things out of a COMPUTER after putting it in.
At some point we had to leave, leaving Stephen in hotel with some more SHEKELS, which seemed enough to get him to BC. Well, never a dull day, if only for the search of a Printer, which we often visited in center, near University.

Dear friends, surely there was more, which we leave to your I-M-a-Djin-at-ION, for His Road, as Cathalyst Pendragon, has been more Treasures than his Passing the Void, We will meet again, perhaps another Dream, perhaps another 'Time', may Peace be with 'him', for so it is Written, and so it be Done, unless Free Will Expression Decides Otherwise, mmmmmmmmmmm ...

Volgens mijn vader in de Hemel is het alle dagen Feest, en mijn vader kan het weten wat die is er geweest, er is Leven er is Leven na de Dood ...

As memorized by; Prince Patrick from the Noble House Molier

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