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Lady Shannon Edwards


I am a Plus Size Model, Curves Activist, Artist, Photographer, and Internet Personality. I love to paint, and draw and create. Photography is one of my passions, I love catching moments in time that can last forever. I feel strongly about accepting ones beauty no matter your size, race, age, or gender. One day I would love to become a full time plus size model and help inspire others in feeling good about themselves and everything that they are.

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Ever since I was a little girl I have been extremely passionate about art. Art is probably my favourite past time, and I am an art student/assistant teacher and love taking part in helping create and run art workshops alongside my teacher. I have taken art classes in school as well as outside of school. I love acrylic paintings, watercolours, oil paintings, etc.

I also love creating videos on YouTube, for entertainment and as well as educational purposes. ShanFam (My channel name) has been an awesome way for me to express my creativity, thoughts, and ideas to the world.

I love to read, I personally love a good old fashion book, even though, in today's day and age, you are able to get books online such as e-book or audio books, but I have always been the type of girl to love reading the good old fashion way. I love that it is a time to just be with yourself and your imagination, which is something I have always loved to do, the imagination is a beautiful thing.

I also love horse back riding, I love being connected with animals, I have always felt a strong connection towards them. Sometimes I feel more connected to an animal than even a human. there is so much we can learn from them, it's just that people don't always take the time to do so.

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In the future, I hope that humanity will learn to be more accepting and loving towards one another. Recently, All i've been seeing, and even in my everyday life is people are all about themselves, which to me is sad, because we are all connected, we are all one, and yet we go against one another, which to me is something that needs to be changed, not just for us, but for the animals and the planet. we need to realize we are one and we need to work together,not against one another.

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