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Foppe J. Seekles


Recently I found out that I lived, until now, 4 lives in this life. Don’t ask me how I did that, it just happened ...

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Life preparations: sports, culture & healthy eating

  • Started at the age of 6: sailing & speed swimming; later more sports, like speed rowing, tennis, squash, badminton, hockey, rugby, diving, martial arts
  • Around 12: my uncle taught me in his laboratory, how to do tests without blowing things up
  • Curiosity about (bio)chemical tests learned me thinking out of the box 'understanding "outside->in" observing
  • A summer cruise on another uncle's ship, made me curious about differences in cultures, history, geology & more
  • Around 15: sailing instructor and team sail competitions; speed rowing; awareness on healthy eating
  • Around 19: 6 months research & study on many religions – conclusion: Nature is my religion
  • Helping people, in particular children, with all kind of problems
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Life 1: local & regional government, Netherlands; sports

  • Started at the age of 21: hydraulic engineering, construction of Schiphol Airport
  • Planning & (re)designing a municipality growing from 21,000 to 100,000 inhabitants
  • At 25: board member of the Union; negotiator on employment conditions
  • Regular & in depth training on social skills and conflict management
  • Key member of the NVSH (sexual awareness), team leader of consultants in Amsterdam area
  • Traffic research & engineering & networking, first on local, later regional & national level
  • Research oil & gas industry, seismic reports, research & exploitation permitting
  • Mandated by all involved regions to lead (& won) a case for the Council of State, against the National Government
  • Problem solution on HR in merging Governmental Water & Energy companies & Provincial hospitals
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Life 2: working on regional, national and EU level; sports

  • (Spatial) planning Seaplane Airport in Amsterdam
  • Alternative energy, designing the spatial planning strategy, using GIS, first on Regional, later National level
  • Involved in the startup of the Forestry Stewardship Council
  • Involved in Nature Development Plans and Forestry Investment Projects
  • Involved in the European Spatial Development Plan
  • Involved in the European Wind Energy association
  • Involved in planning of the City of the Sun (Heerhugowaard, Neth.)
  • Manager of the first Green Fund in Netherlands
  • Councilor on Green Investment Funds in the National Banking Forum (Neth.)
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Life 3: working on national, EU and broad international level; less sports

  • Lobbyist on interregional projects, partner search, member management body of EU programs
  • Councilor in implementing its strategic values in tourism development on the Greek island of Zakynthos, Greece
  • Strategic Advisor of EUCC's Secretary General (Europe's Coasts); later member of the Scientific Commission, Chairman of EUCC-Netherlands, EUCC Ambassador to Greece, EUCC General Ambassador
  • Strategic Advisor on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Commission of the European Regions
  • Designing the Maritime Tourism Strategy for Albania, Dubai
  • Planning & networking for Saranda Marina, Albania
  • Environmental solution Palm Island Dubai
  • Executive director & owner of my company TCM Bv
  • EU reports on Wind Energy (spatial) planning
  • Vice-President of Teleport Amsterdam; World Teleport association
  • Nominated by EU, appointed by Greek Government as a Councilor on the improvement of the educational system
  • One of the Councilors of the Dutch Liberal democratic MEP's
  • Setting up the International Implementation Team to clean up a major oil spill in the Pechora Delta, Siberia (Netherlands, Canada, Norway, Russia)
  • Councilor of the European Liberal Democratic Institute on Democratization of the Central & Eastern EU countries
  • Member of the EU Teleworking platform
  • Member of EcoTrans, network of experts in Sustainable Tourism
  • Involved in the start of the Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council
  • Lobbyist & coach of the European team of Grontmij Consultancy Company
  • Initiator & Coordinator of the independent St. Germain Research Group
  • International portfolio of the Renaissance Group
  • Marketing of & networking for 3 castles in Belgium & Netherlands
  • Councilor, later partner in "Historic New Amsterdam", Governors Island, New York
  • Family Wealth Management
  • Official ECNC-representative to Malta, Chairman of the Maltese Jury for the Quality Coast Award for Gozo; Chairman of EUCC-Malta
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Life 4: Malta - helping people with all kind of problems; sports & healthy eating; innovation of finance

  • Initiator of Malta Unity association, elected President
  • Initiation of Mind-Body Spirit events in Malta
  • On request of Maltese families, healing & coaching adults & children on health & social problems
  • Research on obesity, overweight, food pattern, healthy eating, connection with aggression, mental health, pricing healthy ingredients, Maltese & foreign providers, green shops & supermarkets, data systems and new form of legal entities
  • Pilot projects on healthy food during festa's, events, a school & a restaurant
  • Business plans "The Rhythm Of Nature" & "Questionmark plus" + the websites
  • Investment Fund & property selection
  • Lobbying & networking
  • Theme teams "Food Pattern" & "Aggression & Violence" under the umbrella of Malta Unity association
  • Member of the Board of the B of Joy
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  • Knight Sovereign White Knights - Order of St. Germain
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Realm: Royaum Sans Frontières
Contact: Servus

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